CamOnRoad - driver's assistant app

CamOnRoad is an application for smartphone and tablet PC designed for Android and iOS systems. The application helps you to drive safely. The CamOnRoad app combines the GPS navigator based on augmented reality, the HD digital video recorder with cloud video storage and the trip computer.


Moreover some geo-social features are realized in the application. For example you can share destination points to your friends or ask for help using "SOS" feature. In case your phone connected to your car audio system via Bluetooth you can make phone calls listen to music using the CamOnRoad application.

How CamOnRoad improves driving safety?

Navigation based on augmented reality lets you to keep control of road conditions in moments you are looking at the device screen. This is possible because navigation tips are showing over a real-time video data. When you look at the device screen you see the same picture as you can see through windshield.

Video recording with the videostreaming to the cloud allows you to feel confident in all driving situations. In case your device will be broken or will be lost your video data will be saved in cloud storage. You can get authorized access to your data online through using any device with the Internet connection.

Videos list in user account

In case of car crash a user can activate the feature of automatic emergency calling. The feature works when built-in sensors fixes high level acceleration. The CamOnRoad robot will make an automatic emergency call and will give the coordinates of a incident. A user can cancel the call during the 10 seconds if it's wrong.

How CamOnRoad helps to save user's money?

Drivers no more need to buy (carry, hide in the car) a separate devices for 60-200USD. The CamOnRoad application will turn your Android-based smartphone or iPhone into a HD car DVR with a lots of additional features for free. For example the application notify drivers about speed cams on the route and helps to avoid the fines for the speed limits exciding.

Phone UI
Phone UI

CamOnRoad can not only improve the safety of driving and keep the evidence base, but also help to avoid unnecessary costs or even save a life.