CamOnRoad is an application for your smartphone which makes it the advanced car DVR. You no longer need to buy a separate device in order to improve driving safety and reduce the risk of lawless actions of other traffic participants or traffic officers.

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The advantages of the CamOnRoad DVR:

  1. You don't need to buy (carry, hide in the car) a separate device for 60-200USD. Free CamOnRoad software will turn your smartphone into a HD DVR with lots of additional features
  2. Optional feature to save the video stream into cloud storage online will allow you to avoid the risk of evidence lose in case of illegal actions against you or your property (your DVR confiscated or destroyed - the evidence base remains on the server)
  3. Improving traffic safety in the case of a phone call. You don’t need to take your phone out the bag or pocket. You receive a call usinghands free while remaining protected
  4. In the case of a car crash the CamOnRoad software automatically recognizes itand automatically make one of the following action:
    • Call on the speakerphone to the emergency toll-free number 112;
    • Call on the speakerphone any number that you specify in the application settings;
    • Send on the rescue service server or your assistance or insurance company message about the caseand the coordinates of your location.

As you can see, our software can provide not only the road video information saving guarantees, also it can save your life.